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A connected Healthcare platform created especially for you

A connected Healthcare platform created especially for you

  • For providing you continuity in healthcare seamlessly anytime, anywhere.
  • For your doctor to advise you based on your records.

We put you in control of your health.

Manage your Medical Records easily

Manage your Medical Records easily

So you have them when you need them.

  • Keep all your health record on the cloud - private and secured – be it doctor’s observation, prescription, lab results or fitness data.
  • Your health information comes from different sources – your doctors, your path labs, your own recordings, or even wearable devices. All of this is synthesised into an easy-to-understand view – both for you and your doctor.
Track your health yourself

Track your health yourself

Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to health.

  • Record your health parameters easily and monitor them regularly.
  • Variations in health parameters can alert you before onset of serious conditions.
Meet the doctor of your choice

Meet the doctor of your choice

  • Choose from wide range of specialists based on your requirements.
  • Search based on specialiy, location, experience, language.

Our platform helps doctors to provide patient centric consulting.


Stand out, be counted

Stand out, be counted

World over technology is helping save lives and keep people healthier.

  • Be among the first breed of doctors using technology in India to improve the outcomes.
  • Surprisingly it can also save you time and improve your revenue view – both for you and your doctor.
Practice Management made easy

Practice Management made easy

  • Announce your presence by creating your profile.
  • Track all your appointments.
  • Manage time better through smart scheduling.
  • Manage space better.

Your staff manages it all ...

Consultation Management

Consultation Management

  • View complete medical file of the patient.
  • Record your observations with structured forms.
  • Use tracker for quick view of health parameters.
  • Write e-Rx with ease and avoid clarification calls.
Collaborate and Contribute

Collaborate and Contribute

  • Read latest news in medical science.
  • Connect with peer doctors.
  • Contribute your views and present your case studies.


They take care of you.

They take care of you.

Are you taking care of them?

  • Healthier employee means higher productivity.
  • Research shows that employees ignore their health.
  • Small but regular interventions may result in significant positive outcomes.
Engage Employees with genuine actions

Engage Employees with genuine actions

  • An engaged workforce is a productive workforce.
  • Identifying health issues gains lifelong respect from employee.
  • Improving health outcomes gains respect of employees.
  • Use principles of behavioural economics to improve employee health.
Do good, Be rewarded

Do good, Be rewarded

  • Improved health index improves productivity.
  • Reduces cost in terms of lost days, and insurance premiums.
  • Healthier workforce is a happier workforce. A happier workforce is an effective workforce.
  • Happier workforce results in less attrition and more loyalty.
IOH can help

IOH can help

  • Create a Health index for your company.
  • Identify health issues using online HRA tool.
  • Company wide checkups to screen and inform employees.
  • Health awareness programs.
  • Use principles of behavioural economics to drive lifestyle changes.
  • Corporate health Dashboard.
  • Measurable outcomes.



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