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IndiaOnlineHealth is a Platform, developed and hosted by Ayushman, for all registered Doctors, and Pathologists, Radiologists & Diagnostic labs referred to as Support Service Providers (SSP) to offer their Services and all registered suppliers of medicine, instruments and consumables referred to as Medicine & Equipment Suppliers (MES) to supply their products to all registered Consumers. Ayushman has taken a declaration from Doctors, SSP and MES that they are authorized to offer their Services and products by the competent authorities like Medical Council of India, FDA and others, as the case may be. Ayushman has NOT validated their claims and has solely depended on their declarations. Ayushman also does not have ability to evaluate competence and efficiency of these Doctors, SSP and MES. Consumers are strongly advised to undertake their own diligence process to ascertain competence of Doctors, SSP and MES, before availing their Services. Ayushman will not be responsible for any consequences or damages resulting from availing Services from Doctors and SSP and products from MES registered on IndiaOnlineHealth Platform.

1. Usage by Consumer:

Usage of the Platform by Consumer is subject to acceptance of all Terms & Conditions described below and after signing an agreement by Clicking Terms & Conditions in the Registration Process.

1. Rights to Subscribe and Responsibilities thereof

• Any Indian citizen can register and subscribe to IndiaOnlineHealth as a Consumer, unless disqualified or barred by a government authority or any constitutional body. Consumer will have to register at site giving their actual identity and not by any fake or assumed name.

• Every Consumer irrespective of age, gender, or handicap status needs to have his / her own account in his / her own name.

• For children below the age of 18 years, registration has to be done by their parents / guardian and avail any Services offered on this Platform under the supervision of a parent / guardian.

• For senior citizens, handicapped persons and other adults, who are not comfortable with use of Computer / Internet technologies, registration may be done on their behalf by a relative / friend. In such cases, he will have to declare that he is authorized by the Subscriber and act as guardian, while using the Services.

• The Consumer is permitted to make use of IndiaOnlineHealth Platform and / or all the facilities available for genuine purposes only. The Consumer is not permitted to misuse IndiaOnlineHealth Platform and / or any facility available thereon, for any commercial, illegal, immoral, or unethical purpose.

• Since many of the Services provided by Doctor / SSP / MES depend on past medical history, it is the responsibility of the Consumer to ensure that his Electronic Medical Records (EMR), (including his allergies, immunization, past medical treatment, hereditary related family history, reports of medical check-ups, prescription and consultation summary with Doctors) are kept current and complete at all times. He should take assistance of his panel of Doctors in creating and updating his EMR at various stages.

• EMR is owned by the patient but he needs to give access to the Doctor, whom he is consulting. During Consultation, he will deem to have given access rights to the Consulting Doctor. At other times, Consumer will have to give explicit rights (such as before an upcoming appointment or to a family Doctor at all times), if he wishes to allow specific Doctors to have access these records.

1.2. Various Applicable Charges:

Registration and Annual Subscription: Every subscriber needs to pay the registration charges as applicable for his category of registration. In addition, he will have to pay Annual Subscription to continue to access his records and avail services offered by registered Doctors, SSP and MES as well as by Ayushman. If Consumer fails to renew the subscription before expiry of current period, Ayushman reserves the right to disable his access to his EMR and all other services available to him by way of his subscription.

Usage: Certain services offered by Ayushman may attract usage charges on per transaction basis based on package subscribed. Consumer will be required to pay these transaction charges as applicable.

Doctor’s and ‘SSP’ Charges: Ayushman does not control Doctors, SSP and MESs charges for their Services and the same are solely decided by respective Service Providers. However, Aysuhman has been authorized by them to collect their charges on their behalf and pass them through to respective Doctors, SSP and MES. Therefore, while booking a slot for consultation or availing their Services, Ayushman may block money as advance from Consumer equivalent to charges of their Services.

• Consumer can pay for applicable charges by different modes of payment, made available from time to time. These may include On-line payment through Credit Card, Internet banking, transfer of funds through banking channels or Cash collection mechanisms at the discretion of Ayushman.

• It is advised that Consumer keeps sufficient positive balance in his account at all times to ensure, he is able to fix appointment quickly. Consumer can view his transaction details and balance at any time by accessing his account under his log-in to the site.

1.3. Confidentiality:

• The information provided by the Consumer and the proceedings of the meeting of the Consumer with the Doctor, as also with

the SSP and MES; advice given by the Doctor, details of services provided by the SSP and MES, will be stored on the IndiaOnlineHealth Platform; said information and the proceedings stored on the IndiaOnlineHealth Platform will be accessible to Ayushman at all times; to which the Consumer will have no objection at any time.

• Ayushman is at liberty to use the data for all legal purposes including medical research and statistics. When used for such purposes, Ayushman will take utmost care to keep the identity of the Consumer anonymous and confidential adhering to HIPPA guidelines.

• The Consumer is solely responsible to keep his Access related information such as user name, password and answers to challenge questions etc, as well as access to his mail Id completely confidential.

1.4. Limitations of Liabilities

• Consumer needs to be aware and understand that availing an On-line Video / Audio / Phone consultation with a Doctor using IndiaOnlineHealth Platform poses certain limitations in providing advice as there is no physical examination of the Consumer by the Doctor. It is not equivalent to an In-clinic consultation. On-line Consultation is best suited for Follow-up consultation and for consultation for routine ailments, not requiring physical examination.

• Ayushman is not responsible or liable for any advice provided by Doctor and for any services provided by SSP and MES or for any consequences of the advice provided by Doctor and for any consequences of any services provided by SSP and MES.

• All the services provided by Ayushman are technology based and using various Information Technology services, which mainly depend upon availability of power and network connectivity, which are sometimes beyond the control of Ayushman. The Consumer avails of the service provided by IndiaOnlineHealth on an as-is basis and assumes all the risks involved for the causes beyond Ayushman control, with respect to any consequential damages arising out of nature of service, non-availability of service like power, network connectivity, any shortfall in completeness or loss of information stored, or loss of accuracy.

• Doctors, Consulting specialists, SSP and MES are independent agents who give services in their own individual capacity. Ayushman is not in any way, responsible for individual acts of improper or incompetent advice or service provided by Doctors, Consulting specialists, or SSP. If it is proven beyond doubt that the promised services provided by the Doctor or SSP were not delivered, Ayushman can withhold payments to such service providers in specific instances and money collected for that transaction can be credited back to the customer account. If a Doctor fails to keep an appointment due to any reason, he is obliged to refund the money collected for such transaction and give a free consultation slot at a subsequent time mutually suitable. Under such situations Ayushman will credit the customer account with the refund amount.

1.5. Refunds:

• The registration and subscription amount as well as amount paid towards already availed services by the Consumer to Ayushman, is not refundable.

Shortcoming in Service by ‘Doctor’, ‘SSP’ and ‘MESP’: If Consumer informs Ayushman in writing about shortcoming in services provided by Doctor or SSP, Ayushman will investigate the claim and at its sole discretion, may refund a part or full amount paid / deposited by the Consumer to Ayushman, in case the designated service provider has failed to deliver service in part or full. Any such complaint must be reported within 72 hours of such an act happening. In any case, the claim and refund will never exceed the amount paid towards services provided for this specific act.

1.6. Termination of Subscription:

• The Subscription provided to the Consumer can be terminated by Ayushman at any time, if in the opinion of Ayushman,
i   the Consumer is misusing IndiaOnlineHealth Platform,
ii  the Consumer is not using IndiaOnlineHealth Platform for genuine purpose,
iii  the Consumer is using IndiaOnlineHealth Platform for commercial, illegal, immoral, or unethical purpose.

• The services will be terminated in case Consumer fails to pay the annual subscription charges within 15 days of his subscription becoming due. EMR will not be accessible to the Consumer once the account is closed. However, if the Consumer reactivates his account upon payment of outstanding dues, within 90 days, access to his EMR can be reactivated.

• If the Consumer decides to close his account and inform Ayushman in writing accordingly, any amount available to his credit balance will be refunded to him by 15th day of the following calendar month.





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