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Frequently Asked Questions on IndiaOnlineHealth

What is IndiaOnlineHealth Service?
It is a platform that enables members, doctors, pathologist and drug stores to connect via the web and deliver seamless healthcare services.

How does it work?
Members can constitute ‘My panel of Doctors’ from the registered doctors. If they need to consult a doctor they can book a time slot and do online consulting via video, audio or  chat session. They can also consult their doctors on their panel via secure email.

What conditions are ideally suited for treatment via IndiaOnlineHealth?
Chronic situations needing frequent consultation; Follow-up visits to show your doctor the test reports or update him on your progress on the prescribed medication. You may have a pressing problem but you are unable to physically visit the doctor immediately, Common conditions such as common cold, flu, upset stomach, throat infections, allergies, and other every day minor ailments

Who can avail this service?
It is available to all members who are registered as an Individual, Family or a Corporate employee with IndiaOnlineHealth ID from any place in the world with an internet connection and ability to connect to IndiaOnlineHealth site 24x7, 365 days, limited only by the service provider’s (Doctors, Pathologist, Drug Stores) ability and availability to service your request.

Who is on the panel of doctors?
Normally the doctors are empanelled based on your recommendation. The aim is to enable you to consult your doctor and have continuity in care while you are unable to visit your doctor or your doctor is unable to see in his routine schedule. Some doctors may be empanelled based on recommendation from other doctors on the panel. Once the doctor is on the IndiaOnlineHealth panel, the members are free to avail of services from any of them.

Why use IndiaOnlineHealth when you prefer to visit your doctor?
While visiting your doctor for consulting is strongly advised, several visits are superfluous and can be substituted with online consulting saving you time, travel costs and commuting hassles. At times you are unable to visit based on physical condition and preoccupation with other pressing matters. Under such conditions online consulting is a better option than postponing a doctor consultation.

Why not do email consulting with your doctor?
Video, audio or chat is better than email consulting as online environment enables your doctor to investigate and understand your symptoms better.

Does IndiaOnlineHealth obviate the need for you to see your doctor personally?
It is normally recommended that you visit your doctor personally before doing online consulting. Once the doctor gets to know you and your physical condition through personal examination, he is better equipped to advice you online and suggest personal visit if he finds anything amiss.

Does your doctor review your EMR before consulting?
Yes, it is the best practice and members are advised to keep their EMR up-to-date.

Who creates your EMR?
Soon after registration as a Member, the member is advised to complete his EMR. Once he nominates a Family physician in his panel of doctors, FP can assist him in completing certain sections that involve medical conditions and terms that a member may be unfamiliar with. But the primary responsibility for keeping the EMR up-to-date rests with the member or his nominated guardian as the member may avail of health services outside of IndiaOnlineHealth, while he is a member and his record is known only to him before he enrolled as a member.

Who maintains the EMR?
While you are a member, IndiaOnlineHealth is responsible for its safe keeping, following HIPAA regulations. Anonymized records can be made available by IndiaOnlineHealth for training and medical research purposes.

Can my Doctor view my EMR while I am meeting him in person?
Yes. We strongly encourage you to ask your doctor to look at your EMR and record visit details, even during in-person consultation. This will ensure that your EMR is always up-to-date. The prescription written by your doctor will have much less chances of mistakes due to illegible handwriting normally encountered with hand written prescription.

What are the types of services provided by IndiaOnlineHealth?
IndiaOnlineHealth is a platform provider to connect members with their doctors, pathologists and chemist. Center to the service is Electronic Medical Record. Once you become a member, you have the facility to store your EMR at a central place, which you and your doctors can access from anywhere and at any time.

IndiaOnlineHealth also provides a mechanism for you to seek appointment with your doctor for an on-line consultation. The tele-visit details are recorded by your doctor as a part of service he provides. Visit report prepared by your doctor includes all vital information including prescription, advice and request for investigations.

Can you have a Specialist join the consulting session?
You or your doctors may request assistance of other doctors during the consulting session or thereafter. You can request for a multi-party consultation session and each party can log into the consultation call remotely from wherever they are.

Can your relatives join a consulting session?
Yes. In case of a minor, it is highly recommended that the guardian is present in the consultation either in person or remotely and the guardian does not need any special permission. For other patients, member needs to grant specific permission by inviting him into multi-party call. It is very useful for Senior citizens to have their nominated children, or care taker present during such consultation sessions either in person or remotely.

Is there an age limit for IndiaOnlineHealth membership?
No, but for members whose age is below 18, will need a guardian.

What are the different types of membership?
There are multiple types of membership available. You can join as an individual, as a family member, an employee of a participating corporate organization or as a member of Special interest group like a housing society. See our tariff rates for different types of membership.

How is the consulting fee collected from the member for the services availed of?

As a member, you are expected to charge/top up your account with sufficient money to avail of the services. For On-line payment, IndiaOnlineHealth has tied up with payment gateway that enables payment through credit card, debit card and internet banking. IndiaOnlineHealth is also making arrangements to collect cash from home. In future, you may also be able to buy IndiaOnlineHealth “Coupons” from other outlets.

What is the basis of fees levied?

Normally there is a one-time registration fee and a nominal per month fee payable to IndiaOnlineHealth for maintaining member EMR. Doctors are free to determine their own fee structure and payment is collected by IndiaOnlineHealth on their behalf and passed on to them entirely. IndiaOnlineHealth levies a small charge for the utilization of the platform while consulting. Quite often, this fee may be less than what you spend on travel from your work place / home to your doctor’s clinic.




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