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Ayushman Pvt. Ltd, are leaders in ‘Connected Healthcare’ with advisory board consisting of team of Senior Medical Professionals.

Service backbone is Ayushman’s secure web based platform – IndiaOnlineHealth that connects Consumers to Doctors, Diagnostic center and Drug store seamlessly. Consumer’s medical records (EMR) are stored at a central place and can be accessed over the web 24x7.

As consumers avail of various health care services IOH registered medical professionals such as doctors and diagnostic centers record their findings directly ‘online’ into consumer’s EMR. This EMR is continuous, comprehensive, life-long, and available anywhere and anytime. In case of an emergency it’s available on touch of a button.

The comprehensive power of IndiaOnlineHealth platform with outstanding features such as customer specific 'Track sheet for critical parameters' enables specialists to offer affordable and ‘State-of-Art’ Chronic Disease Management services with focus on life style changes and minimal medication.

“AyushCare” program from Ayushman Pvt. Ltd. is focused on providing Healthcare Services at Doorsteps for people who need continuous care to effectively manage chronic problems such as Hypertension, Heart disease, Diabetes, Thyroid etc.

Consumers can avail of a host of services such as Diagnostic services and medicines delivered to their door steps at attractive rates from some of the top of the line service providers in the industry. Also family doctors visits to home is organized for the elderly and disabled when needed.

For those corporate executives who are on constant stress due to work pressure and tight deadlines Ayushman can offer Ayushcare program and corporate doorsteps too.

The platform power enables corporate executives to book healthcare services for their family members and have it delivered where it’s needed, from the comfort of their seats. NRI’s and executives who live away from their parents can avail of this powerful feature to take care of their parent’s healthcare needs.